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All classes are taught by Adult Black Belts. Rick Giroux, the Head Instructor has 30 years of experience in Martial Arts and has owned and operated Merrimack Karate since 1996. Linda Ryan, the director of our Little Ninjas program has been involved in children’s education for over thirty years and has been a karate instructor in our school since 1998.

For the last 20 years, we’ve had the privilege to invest in the lives of hundreds of children and adults. It’s been more than gratifying to see the positive changes in their lives, and to hear how pleased parents have been with their children’s progress. Earning a Black Belt is an achievement that each student can be proud of for the rest of his or her life. It is our goal to continue to positively influence our future leaders for many years to come.

Here Are Just SOME of the Tremendous Benefits that Our Unique Martial Arts Program Provides:

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We have classes for adults, kids and teens, beginners and advanced, Monday through Saturday with many special events occuring on Saturday's.


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These are just a few of the benefits of martial arts training. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up for a class at Merrimack Karate. If you prefer to speak with us, please call (603) 424-7458.

*Our kids martial arts programs are for ages 6+






Immense Physical Benefits

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Merrimack Karate is the best school for YOU!

With karate training, you will fight premature aging resulting in a longer, healthier, and more exciting life. Karate is the perfect lifelong activity! It can be practiced at any age, does not require exceptional flexibility or natural talent, and requires no special equipment, facilities, or even other people to practice with. Plus, it gives you the ultimate in self-defense. Karate also offers a wide range of mental and spiritual qualities as well. These include self-confidence, control and discipline to achieve success, mental calmness in emergencies, stress management, and lifelong leadership skills.

Our unique karate program helps adults attain: Better flexibility, weight control, physical fitness, stress relief, self-defense, positive attitude, a family-friendly activity your can do with your children and more.

Martial arts can truly change your life as it has for many others!

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The self image, confidence, discipline and control your child develops today will determine the level of happiness and success he or she will experience as an adult. It has been proven that traditional karate develops in children the above qualities and much, much more leading to a healthier, happier, and more successful life.

Our unique karate program helps children attain: Improved grades, respect for others, leadership skills, increased attention span, better coordination, better health habits, lifelong goal-setting skills

Martial arts training also gives both children and teenagers something gravely needed in today's society -- the strength to say "no" to negative peer pressure, and to replace the negatives with positives in thought, word, and deed. Our karate students become leaders and not followers within their peer groups. Martial arts offers your child benefits critically needed in today's fast changing world!

For adults martial arts offers a blend of physical, mental and spiritual elements; life-changing benefits not found in any other activity or hobby. Karate is a fun yet challenging way of honing you gradually into the best shape of your life. You will lose weight, gain greater energy, and develop a strong, toned, and more healthy body.

  • Physical Fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Leadership
  • Better Flexibility and coordination
  • Self-Defense Skills!
  • Self-Confidence
  • Better Grades
  • Values
  • Improved Cadio-Vascular Health
  • Self-Esteem
  • Positive Role Models

Kids who learn martial arts develop: a positive attitude, self-respect and respect for others, self-control, a healthy self-image, how to always put their best effort forward, how to do the right thing at all times, to always have good manners, how to be truthful, not to exaggerate and to do what they say they will do, the importance of teamwork, the desire to succeed in school and the ability to defend themselves against bullies. Our kids programs are for ages 6+


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Our instructors are dedicated to helping students learn martial arts and use martial arts as a vehicle to attain other goals. Martial Arts is about a whole lot more than just learning to defend yourself, and it always has been. Unlike going to the gym, or sports, martial arts training is about the whole you. For Hundreds of years Martial Arts Masters have been guiding their students and helping them attain physical, mental and emotional balance.

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Kickboxing combines boxing with karate to create an amazingly intense workout that helps you quickly burn calories, improve flexibility and release tension and stress. Look great, feel great and improve your outlook on life!

Every class is packed with fat-melting moves, authentic kickboxing equipment, smiles, laughs and FUN!

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(603) 424-7458

534 D.W. Highway, Merrimack NH 03054


We're located in Merrimack, New Hampshire

Merrimack Karate - 534 D.W.  Highway, Merrimack NH - 603-424-7458

534 D.W. Highway
Merrimack, NH 03054
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Our programs start at age 6.

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